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Private Lessons

A private swimming lesson is a dedicated 30-minute block of time. During that time, participants will work with Julie to meet personal goals.

Benefits of private swim lessons include, but are not limited to: dedicated one-on-one attention, curriculum flexibility, and the ability to work on and master multiple aspects of swimming in a short time. 

Private sessions can:

  • promote greater confidence in the water, 
  • provide the extra assistance needed to overcome a hurdle,
  • allow a student to process the lesson without distraction.

Private Lessons are $600 per swimester. Lessons may be prorated based on start date - we do not prorate based on how many you will attend per swimester, rather how many lessons are left in the swimester. In addition to the tuition fee, there is a non-refundable registration fee of $5 per student added after registration.

Semi-private lessons may be available for immediate family members (siblings only) with swimmers at the same level (see our group classes for levels, this means age + ability). If you know that you meet these requirements, you may register one child for a private lesson and then email with the additional child's information. Semi-Private lessons are $750 per swimester.