lessons with kids & instructor only

A group swimming lesson is a 30-minute block of time where participants will work together with Julie in a group setting. Different, progressive skills will be taught through the 8-week session. Sessions should be repeated until you are ready for the next level.



For kids ages 3+


Sunfish work towards mastering floating, submersion, safety skills and the ability to independently swim the length of the pool. They will begin to learn the basics of breath-work and stroke development. This class will give first-timers the special attention that goes along with learning the basic routine of the swimming classes at SWP, terminology and safety skills that are required to move to the next level. They will continue in this level until they can master the skills listed in the Baby Beluga paragraph below.

This class is taught with up to 3 children per class.


for kids ages 4+

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Belugas will continue to practice the basics of all four strokes, stamina, breathing skills and form. Belugas may still need assistance swimming the full length of the pool, but they should be able to swim the width unassisted. Once they have mastered the length of the pool and the basic stroke forms, they will move to the next level.

If your child is at least four years old, has had lessons before, is independently (no flotation devices) swimming the width of the pool AND can independently take a breath while swimming (without assistance), you may register for a Baby Beluga class instead of a Sunfish.

This class is taught with up to 3 children per class.


for 4+


Narwahls are graduates of Baby Beluga. They are working towards swim-team level skills, but may not be ready for a competitive environment just yet.

This class is taught with up to 4 children per class.