Julie (phyn)

Julie Phyn Smith is the owner and founder of Swim With Phyn. She teaches each class Tuesday through Saturday and has been teaching babies as young as two weeks and kids of all ages since 1991. She has a formal education in swim instruction and specializes in teaching babies and young children. She is passionate about educating people of all ages on the importance of consistency, safety and a positive attitude surrounding water and swimming lessons.

Clown Fish

In addition to spending 30+ hours in the pool teaching little ones, Julie is an avid runner, fitness expert, and loves cruising around in her fish car. See if you can "find" Nemo around town! Beep, beep!!



Bridget C. isn't new to Swim With Phyn - you may have seen her swimming with one or more of her three children! Bridget is an instructor with intimate knowledge of all of our class levels and an amazing ability to teach young children. She is also a Montessori toddler teacher with her own home toddler based school, Montessori Happenings, and an avid fitness person and owner of Bridget Cathie Fitness