Moray Eels
24 months – 48 months (2 - 4 years)


Moray Eels is for toddlers who are new to Swim With Phyn or graduates of Manatees who are not quite ready for a highly structured class. This class has an emphasis on making toddlers comfortable around the water, and learning and mastering all the basic safety skills. Toddlers in this class are introduced to floating, submersion and safety skills as well as introducing them to independent swimming, including swimming from the step or off the wall to their parents and an introduction to breath-work and stroke development.

This class will give first-timers the special attention that goes along with learning the basic routine of the swimming classes, terminology and safety skills that are practiced with every swimmer from the time they start Swim With Phyn.


24 - 48 (2 – 4 years)

New students should sign up for a Moray Eel class. Stingrays are recent graduates of Sea Turtles or Moray Eels.



Hammerhead Sharks
24 - 48 months (2 – 4 years)


Hammerhead Sharks are former Stingrays who have been asked to graduate to this level.