3.5 – 6 years


Sunfish is for 3 and a half through 6 year olds who are beginners. The next level requires independent swimming. Students in this class will work towards mastering floating, submersion, safety skills and the ability to independently swim the length of the pool with continued practice on breath-work and stroke development. This class will give first-timers the special attention that goes along with learning the basic routine of the swimming classes, terminology and safety skills that are practiced with every swimmer from the time they start Swim With Phyn. They will continue in this level until they can master the skills listed in the Baby Beluga paragraph below.



underwater sand shark.jpg

Baby Beluga - You must be invited to be a Baby Beluga.

If you were previously a Beluga and have not specifically been asked to move up to Narwahl, please register for this group. If your child is new to the water, or not doing the skills listed next, please register for Sunfish.  If your child is at least four years old, has had lessons before, is independently swimming the width of the pool AND can independently take a breath while swimming (no assistance, including floaties), you may register for a Baby Beluga class instead of a Sunfish. Caregiver must be onsite, but not in water.


Narwahl - You must be invited to be a Narwahl.

Narwahls are graduates of Baby Beluga. They are consistently swimming the width of the pool with minimal breaks and no assistance (float or instructor). They will start to more formally develop their four strokes in Narwahl, building upon the basics they learned in Baby Beluga.




SAND SHARKS - You must be invited to be a Sand Shark.  

Sand Sharks are swimming the length of the pool and using all four strokes. They will continue to practice developing their strokes and will start to learn other skills that go along with learning how to swim competitively (but here it's just for fun!). Students in Sand Sharks might try and complete their "super swimmer challenge" and earn a bracelet that lets them swim without a guardian in the water during Open Swim.


Barracudas - Invitation only.