A group swimming lesson is a 30-minute block of time where participants will work together with Julie in a group setting. Different, progressive skills will be taught through the 9-week session.

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2 WEEKS through 8 MONTHS


Sea Otters allows for the littlest swimmers to learn, grow and bond. Early exposure to water is linked to so many beneficial attributes, like early walking, greater immunity, and high self-esteem. Babies are born with the natural ability to hold their breath and kick. An instinct they lose anywhere from 2 – 8 months, so the earlier they get in the water, the more we can build on their natural ability! Our special, optional, hoola-hoop activity in week 9 of Sea Otter classes demonstrates their natural instincts.

This class is best suited for children who are 8 months and under at the time the class begins, as it is designed for the itty bitty babies. If your child will be 6 months at the time the class starts, and have taken lessons before, you may either register for the Sea Otter or Manatee group.

The Sea Otter classes focus on happy swimmers, by teaching the parents the skills they need to feel comfortable in the water with their child. Some skills covered are floating, kicking, submersions, and safety. As each child develops, new skills are added to keep the process fun and inviting.