8 months - 24 months


The same skills that are taught in Sea Otters are reinforced in Manatees. Any baby over 6 months and under 24 months can join the Manatee group. Typically babies under 8 months at the start of the swimester who are just joining Swim With Phyn prefer the Sea Otter class. However, if your baby likes action, this is the class for you!

Manatee class focuses on happy swimmers, teaching the parents the skills they need to feel comfortable in the water with their child. Skills covered include: floating, kicking, submersions, and safety. As each child develops, new skills are added to keep the process  fun and inviting. The Manatee group is both a good place to begin to learn to swim, and a place for the little ones (Sea Otters) to graduate.



Sea Turtles
18 - 24 months

Babies enrolling in this class have been enrolled in the current swimester AND invited to participate in this level by Julie. If you have taken a break, please re-register as a Manatee.

One caregiver required in the water.